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About Us

Ardent Builders, Inc. was formed in 2016 by Doug Compton, a master carpenter and craftsman who was born and raised in the building trade.  Coming from a long line of quality woodworkers - that include boat builders that emigrated from Great Britain to Prince Edward Island, Canada; and cabinet makers and carpenters that later settled in Boston, Massachusetts - Doug's skill and workmanship runs in his blood.  While his new company, Ardent Builders, has only been in existence for a short time, he has been a consistent and trustworthy force in the construction industry for over 40 years.  He is committed to providing service of the highest quality, paying particular attention to work efficiently and expediently while keeping the lines of communication with his clients clear and concise.

Doug is a licensed Virginia Residential Building Contractor

License Number 2705162344

For more information about hiring a licensed contractor visit

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